2020. ‘India’s Citizenship Act: Has PM Modi Bitten Off More than He Can Chew?’ The Globe Post, Washington (with Rakesh Kumar)

2020.‘Australia’s bushfire smoke is lapping the globe, and the law is too lame to catch it’. The Conversation (with Eric Kerr).

2019.‘The Citizenship Amendment Act Will Un-Make India By Poisoning Relationships of Trust, Affinity Across Religions,’ The Wire.

2019. ‘India is cherry-picking citizens’, The Globe Post, Washington.

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Radio and Television

2020. 2SM Radio interview on the implications of India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act and the resulting protests (broadcast across the network to 2BS 95.1 FM, 2PM Radio 531, 2GF Radio, 4GY, 2HC, 2HD 1143AM, 900 2LM, 2BH 567AM, Radio 97, Radio 2EL 1089AM, 2LF, 2PK 1404 AM, 4WK 963AM, 2NZ 1188, 900 2LM, PM Radio 531, 2PK 1404 AM, 2TM Tamworth 1287AM, 4GY, 2HD 1143AM, 2RE Radio, 2BH 567AM, 4WK 963AM, 2VM “Feeling Good” 1530AM, 2HC, 2LF, 2NZ 1188).

2020. Comment on the implications of India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act is published in The National Tribune and Mirage News.

2019. 702 ABC Sydney on air pollution as a political issue

(syndicated to ABC North Coast NSW, ABC Coffs Coast, ABC Central West NSW, ABC Western Plains, ABC New England North West, ABC Central Coast NSW, ABC Riverina, ABC Illawarra, ABC Mid North Coast NSW, ABC South East NSW).

2019.The Daily Telegraph interview on the air quality in Parramatta and the global air pollution crisis.

2019. ABC News Live Interview (ABC 24 – syndicated to ABC 1 Perth and republished on MSN Australia, ABC News Sydney and C91.3FM on the bushfire haze in Sydney and global air pollution problem.